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The online learning platform designed to support students in their holistic development of attributes, skills, and knowledge; their learning.

Built by teachers to support students:

Alexandria is designed to blur the boundaries of the classroom. With high quality, self-paced, learning resources learners are allowed to become more independent in their learning.

It does this by allowing students to build and follow their own learning pathway to a defined end goal/competency. An individualized approach that can happen inside or outside the classroom.

Built around the Learner Focused Learning framework, Alexandria supports teachers and students alike, encouraging students to be proactive, independent, and self-regulated in order to accomplish their learning goals.
Alexandria is built to support "Learner Focused" learning. Supporting teachers to spend less time planning, and more time supporting learning.

Helping make Learning Personal

You can use Alexandria as an individual teacher or student, or for a more integrated approach we can set you up with a version of Alexandria for your whole school!

For the individual classroom, or across the school.

An Alexandria Course...

We offer courses in data analysis, statistics, machine learning, and so much more.
We also have an award-winning team of experts who will teach you what you need to know.

The course starts at the end, what will students be able to do by the end of the course, and why is that important?

The course sets out the skills and knowledge that students are going to learn over the course of the unit, as well as the personal attributes they will be developing along the way. 

Scaffolded video, audio, and textual resources scaffold new knowledge to allow students to self-regulate their own development.

Distinct from project-based learning, new knowledge and skills are scaffolded and presented to students in the context of the learning challenge at the end of the unit, section, or course. Additional resources are provided should students still be struggling, allowing them to "fail-forward" - make mistakes and learn from them.

Learners become masters

Based on the well-documented benefits of Mastery Learning (see: EEF), all students learn all the knowledge, with the time and support required to do so being variable. Alexandria's automated assessment and tracking system allows teachers to assess student progress "at-a-glance" and support students at the point of need where appropriate.

Through mastery learning, students take increasing responsibility for their own success.

The course is designed such that students take development-appropriate responsibility for their own learning, with scaffolded resources helping to develop positive attributes such as time and deadline management, self-rescue when confronted with challenge, resilience, and more.
"Alexandria won't replace the teacher, because it can't. Instead, it's designed to use time more effectively for learner and teacher alike. The learner can take their own time to work through the resources, rewatching and researching as required to support their own progress. The teacher is then freed up to support at the point of need - when students truly need the input only a human can provide.

Each Alexandria course is designed to support learners to reach their maximum potential by acquiring the attributes, skills, and knowledge they need for success in life. "
Fergus McShane, Product-Lead and CompSci Teacher
Upcoming Courses...

New courses always in development

Mastery Learning Structures

Each Alexandria course is built around the idea of mastery learning. That is to say, the outcome remains fixed and the amount of time and support given to each student to achieve that outcome is varied. More on Mastery Learning at the EEF.

Expert Teachers

Each Alexandria course is designed by experienced and qualified teachers for each stage. Where these are mapped to specific qualifications (i.e GCSEs) they are created by teachers with knowledge of that assessment.

Home/School Learning

Learning doesn't just take place in the classroom! With Alexandria, students are empowered to take responsibility for their own learning. With a single subscription, they can access all the courses in all of the subjects, no matter what they learn at school.